Sunday, January 24, 2010

YOUR "WIN" FOR 2010!

Team! It was a fantastic Saturday with ActionCoach Jeevan laying down tips for a Magnificent 2010!

For us to TAKE OFF as a TEAM we need to know what is our DESTINATION this year! We will work together and inspire each other to achieve this WIN! Hence, please go ahead fill out the following form (it takes 2 minutes!):

For an awesome 2010, Click HERE


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


for 3rd Successive Year!

Co-Founder pictured accepting "HALL OF FAME" award on behalf of LVGians from Australian Trade Commissioner (Commissioner Garth Taylor) at "ActionCoach Appreciation & Awards Nite 2009" on Saturday 16th January 2010.

As a Bonus to our INDUCTION to ACTIONCOACH's "HALL OF FAME", Coach Jeevan Sahadevan (ranked 10th in the World) will be 'cranking' us up with an exciting Session (Normal charges to Corporate is RM6,500) on "HOW TO CREATE A POWERFUL FLIGHT PLAN"!

This form is for you and your guess to fill in to SECURE a spot for this saturday's (23 January 2010) program. 
3 things you will learn in this exciting program
1) How to design your Flight Path (Goals & Plans) in business and in Personal life 
2) How to take your own course to reach your destination. 
3) How to create and live with your resolutions this year 2010!

REGISTRATION: 9-945am (Come early for some morning snacks)
START - END: 10am - 3pm (Lunch Break provided)
FEES: only RM20 for Guests, RM10 for registered LVGians

*Click start button to fill form (For LVGians, ensure you have Downloaded Goalsetting Questionnaire from --> GOAL SETTING QUESTIONAIRE )

Saturday, November 7, 2009

LVG Consultants & Friends Buka Puasa a Success!

Absolutely enjoyed the outing we had as a Team!

It gives me so much delight to see so many people turned up to any of our events. This is an exceptional one too.  Dish Deli restaurant was a pleasant and cosy place to eat, catch up, take photos and chat. Being enclosed, it was suitable for holding functions such as ours.

On the downside, we could've done better with the RSVP list. With food prepared for 38 people, there appeared to be at least 45 who turned up, mostly last minute invites (mostly mine too! so it was my bad!)

I have to remind my self of 2 things:

1. Have a Committee to handle the run-up
2. Inform people NO LATER than 2 weeks prior to the event.
3. "Close" / "Cut-off" time for RSVP and be strict about it!

AL J did a great job spotting/organizing the jaunt and the gang was there to celebrate our event cum sharing session by JASH and myself.

Love the time, Love the people.


In the last few months, LVG has been fortunate to team up with NLP Training Sdn Bhd to have some of our new team members be trained by these professional trainers. By professional i mean these guys are of a 'high quality'. 20 days in the training room, out of 80-odd people, 11 are those sent from LVG.

"How I Do Anything is How I Do Everything"
Few disappointments, some of these guys took it lightly and did not show up certain days, quoting "health factors" and "personal factors" prevented them in doing so. Somehow, it doesn't surprise me as those who played 100% in Tengku Faisal and Wan Hadi had always been the ones whom I thought would take life more seriously. Trainers and Coaches shared positive feedback though it is not the positive feedback that I am looking for, rather the valuable feedback I received from Trainers Juara, Tzemin and the support team gives me more comfort on who i should I be coaching and be allowed 'My Time'!

I interviewed 8 people, different characters, decided to give them a shot at being coached by our team for the next 90 days. CD, AL and JASH had also gone hard in looking out for new team eligible to join us.

Daunting task ahead of us, challenging and exciting at the same time.
Much grounding needs to be done on:

1. Short Term contract
3. 90Day Calendar and Contents